Pre-shading, painting and post painting splatter effects on my HB 1/32 P-39

I have finally managed to get to the painting stage of my Hobby Boss 1/32 P-39. I pre-shaded the undersurface with black and the upper surface with RLM 70 black green, before applying the medium grey and olive drab on the upper surfaces. I then used splatter etched frets to add a bit of weathering in the form of blotchiness over the upper surfaces.
Next up will be the painting of the markings.
Photos are captioned.


Oh man! That really “splaines” it clearly! … And I love that you used my favorite “S” word (subtle) more than once. I only have one wingy-thingy in the stash, and if I ever do get around to it, it’s this sort of thinking I’ll adopt before proceeding to paint. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.:books:


Thanks, Mike and no problem I love sharing what I do and especially the next part which I think that you are really going to like. I’ll be posting the start of it later today :slight_smile:

Err…Hem… Mal that’s not a Spitfire!

Anyway that being said I have a weird soft spot for the P-39/P-400 series especially when in the Pacific theatre. Oh and nice paint work grin

“Err…Hem… Mal that’s not a Spitfire!”

I know mate, my bad but it will have some nice markings though! :slight_smile: