Preorder 1:35 Meng Apache?

Debating wheather to preorder it from Hobby Link Japan ?
How are they to do busisnes with ?
Thanks for any advise .

If you don’t want to preorder there, hobbyeasy also has it on preorder, due next month, and I have always found their service to be top notch. In fact, have just ordered more stuff there and it’s been posted. No stress.

I’ve dealt wit HLJ for over 20 years and they are as good as anyone. The best thing is their Private Warehouse, so I don’t have to worry about things being shipped as soon as they are available when they are pre-ordered, and/or trying to fill an order with other things just to make shipping worthwhile. I leave things up to for two months in my Private Warehouse and ship when it’s worth it.

But HLJ is seldom cheaper on products that are made outside of Japan. The Meng Apache is at least $20.00 cheaper from HobbyEasy then HLJ. But the convenience of the Private Warehouse can sometimes make these premiums worth it.

i want one but i am waiting to see if the instruction booklet is superior to Takom’s because theirs was horrendous

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I am not going to pre-order it because what usually ends up happening is some vendors on eBay, Alibaba, or even on-line shops in the US would offer it at a better price than HLJ once the kit becomes available. HobbyEasy price may be comparable if it’s surface post. Being patient usually saves you some money.

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