Presenting THAAD

I lost the construction Pics. but I have the finish.
Here it is.



nice big animal!

Nice work. How many hours did you put into it? And I’m assuming it is OOB?

Looks good. Nice job on it. A couple pointers on it though. First, the exhaust pipe and shield are off. They should not be a bright silver/gunmetal color. They are either painted the same as the rest of the vehicle, NATO camo in this case, or flat black. Also, a nit-pick, but on US vehicles, the frame and running gear are not black. They are the same base color as the rest of the vehicle, green for NATO camo and sand on Sand camo vehicles.

The exhaust and shields were painted Burnt Metal they just came out shiny in the Pics.

Burnt metal isn’t really right either. They get painted with the rest of the vehicle in heavy CARC paint. They may rust lightly, but are not burnt bare metal.


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That looks nice. Really well done.


This is very nice. Is it the 35th or 72nd scale?

It’s 1/35th. Scale

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Very nice that’s in my stash so I’ll be doing that one as well.