"Pressed for time" Vietnam. -Tamiya 1:35 M48 Patton tank & jeep

The Tank commander is not so happy about being help up by a broken down jeep blocking his way. Set in muddy Vietnam.


The tank and the rest of the dio look good. Overall it is pretty nice. It has a couple issues though.

The M151A2 (not technically a jeep; designed and built by Ford) is too modern for Vietnam. The M151A2 wasn’t fielded until 1972 and didn’t wear MERDC camo until the late '70s. Swap it out with an M151A1 in overall green w/white stars/markings and you would be good.

The tracks are on your tank backwards too. The "V"s should point down in the front.

If you’re depicting an Army M151 it wouldn’t have the wading kit on it either. Wayne

Thanks for the tips - I made this diorama when I was 17,which was a long time ago - I remember finding that the a2 production started before the end of the Vietnam war, so I decide I could use it. However, I see that only a few were used there, towards the end of the war, and by MPs and ARVN units.
Good point about the tank tracks…:slight_smile: