Priller's ME-109E3, Part Zwei

Seeing my first attempt at this was to complicated for anybody to answer, lets try again. This photo is Pips Priller’s ME-109E3, I am guessing July 1940 , due to lack of mottling. I am looking for the time frame of the photo. Also, confirmation of the scheme being standard RLM 02/71/ 65. Also, what color is the spinner? Looks darker than the RLM 65 but lighter than yellow 1. RLM02? And, yes, I know it didnt originally have the red dot on the rudder.


Have you googled his unit and when it was equipped with the -E3?

Formed with 109Es in Nov. 39. Flew Es till transition to Fs in Dec 40. Switched to Gs in Nov. 42 . E-1s and E-3s were both produced at the same time and as far as I know stafflen flew a mix.

Found this pic. Yellow 12, 6/JG51. Boblingen (or Sudboblingen) Feb-May 1940. Looks like same scheme. Time frame points to the Sitzkrieg. How much would the scheme have changed for July/Aug. As I understand they started mottling during BoB and got progressively heavier. Still, what was the spinner color? (Yellow 10 shows half white/ half black (or RLM 70). Later version of Prillers Yellow 1 shows all white. All white = Stabs, Partial white = flights ???)

st 1940.

What Staffel was Pips in at this time? That should tell you the colour of the spinner and number.

6/JG51. Yellow 1 … as mentioned in post with pic of Yellow 12 … Photos of 6/JG51’s Yellow 10 (crashed Aug 28,1940 ) had a white/ black (or RLM70) spinner … again, see Yellow 12 post. Photo of Yellow 1, the spinner does not look light enough to be white. Not dark enough to be yellow (compared to known yellow of the “1” ) Darker than the RLM 65 of the fuselage.

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I don’t think there is as much difference between the number and the nose as you think there is.

I’m calling yellow nose. or possibly dirty white.

I’m now satisfied that I’ve been completely unhelpful.