Prince Albert Statue in Coburg, Germany

I know nothing of 3D printing, but I wonder if there is perhaps a program somebody, maybe in Germany, has made of the statue of Prince Albert, who married Queen Victoria, that is in the Marketplatz in Coburg. I would like to use it to have a copy of the statue made in 1/35 scale for a dio of the 761st Stuart tank in the Marketplatz in WWII.

OR, maybe somebody would know if copies of the statue were ever sold as souvenirs that might fit.

Thanks for looking at this, and if you know somebody in Germany, would you be kind enough to pass this along?

Hi Arthur, do you mean this?

I live near Coburg, but I never seen or heard of model of the statue. When I am in town next time, I can ask the Tourist Information bureau about it.
This is the photo you mean?

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I did a Google search and found that the Coburg University of Applied Sciences did a 3D scan of the statue. I contacted the responsible person and she told me that there is a set of data for download.