Project 1S12/1RL128D Longtrack 1:35 RC

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Now I moved to the new Forum with new results. It is from the scratch and so I’m going two steps forward and one backwards. I have reconstructed the wheels for better driving.Roir this I buyed 20 wheels of T54/T55 early from “MiniArt”

I use two different ball bearings - one is set on a splint of 1mm and the other set on a brass-pipe of 2mm. the 1mm axis is put in the brass-pipe. The wheels get two holes outside of 3mm for the ball bearing on the 1mm-axis and inside a hole of 5mm for the ball-bearing on the brass-pipe.

the drive wheel will cutted and stick both-sided an a muff with a grub screw to fix on the drive axe.

Next I continued to create the hull of the radar-station as empty frame. Sorry, there are no images 0f the parts I cutted out from several plastic-sheets. I had a flo and so I forgott to make photos. But I have Images of the raw-hull -for comparisation also the hull from “Panzershop” ( the yellowish hull on the pictures)I will not use:

Now, we look where the rc-electronic is plased. Behind the radiator-grill is the speaker for the engine-noises,
in the middle of the lower-hull is the rc-receiver and in the tail of the radar-station-hull are the akkus:.

On the last image we can see the basic-vehicel similiar like the object 426u:


Wow! This is looking very interesting.

@BootsDMS: Thanks!

Now two videos from atourin the plain:

And not only plain:



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Very, very impressive!


Very cool! :smiley:

Wow, that’s some talented mechanization there! Very impressive job.

A little Work at the front of the vehicel:

… oh, I forgott the result-photo:

What next? I break the work ot the hull and create a (Prototype) of a Parabol-Antenna-Gear. For this I disasemble a Tank-Modell-Turet:

… and check the funktionality;

Now place the antenna-gear in the hull:

Now, this gets new problems - first, there is no place for the akku’s in zhe main-hull, i moved they in the lowerhull. Second the vehicel has now oa weight over 700g - for this weight the used suspension is too weak and I nead a new one construction …

Hello Fellows,

In between, for a change - it takes a while to provide 14 wheels with new suspension and is boring and corrosive from the third wheel onwards - I dealt with the radar antenna and realized: the reflector at “PanzerShop” is not prototypical and therefore unusable and a conversion has to be made the templates of the paper model of “MODEL-KOM” serve as a starting point. Bending, gluing or soldering the vertical struts made of wire, plastic etc. fails because of the material, tools and my ability and demands.

As an alternative, I thought of someone who owns a 3D printer - maybe you can’t just print the things or at least blanks. . .

. . . the design work has already been done and is available as a script - now only has to be rendered and printed - so send it away and wait - and this is what the construction looks like (screenshotl):

Now from virtuality to reality:
I start the assembling of the parabol-antenna.
The assebled 3D-printer-parts:

Than the same with “backbone”:

… with one ear:

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