Proposal – Hall of Fame sub-forum

After HG’s sad recent passing, and still smarting from Speedy J’s untimely passing 3 years ago as Angel has just reminded us, I’ve been wondering whether we should honour those who’ve gone to that Great Workbench in the Sky with a Hall of Fame sub-forum.

The In Memoriam sub-forum is still important so that we can express our condolences & respects, but it doesn’t really show why we valued their contribution to our collective hobby. Would it be appropriate to copy/post some images of their best work into a Hall – members would be free to select whatever images impressed them most, and post them into each deceased member’s thread?

We’re all mortal (and ageing way too fast), I’d like to think none of us would be forgotten after our demise. Each ex-member’s best work would be the most fitting permanent memorial for as long as this site exists. There are many who are still alive & kicking I’d include too, but that’s possibly too contentious for the time being. Those who are no longer with us don’t have anything left to prove.

Any support?


Brilliant proposal, Tim!


Yes, it sounds good to me.

I like the idea, especially as it will leave some memory of what I’ve built long after the items themselves have been trashed (I don’t think there’s anyone who would want them after my day). My problem is all my better builds (and a lot of crap ones) are in the past; nothing I’ve built for Kitmaker has been satisfactory and that’s unlikely to change now. But some of the stuff I’ve done in the past, while not in any way outstanding, still gives me a certain satisfaction. So, as an adjunct to the “In Memoriam” sub-forum, would it be appropriate to have a space where participants can post photos of what they feel best represents their output and, in due course, provides a source for a memorial gallery. This could be a “living” resource, capable of being added to and edited, at least as long as the contributor retains a similar status…
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Go ahead!! It’s a good idea, a showcase with the works of those who left us.

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Yeap, 100% behind this.

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