Prost, between Battles on Berge Panther | Armorama™

Here we take a look at an ICM combination of new and old with the old Berge Panther and a very nice new set of figures.

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I built this model a couple of years ago. I would not define it as an accurate model.
To start with, the entire fixtures for storage of the beam boom are missing. I had to scratch build it using book references.
The boom is significantly simplified. I had to use a Tiger Models aftermarket for it. It also lacks details on tracks, and tool storage.

To be clear I meant that the features of the model present are reasonably accurate. I am not even trying to tell you the model is an accurate representation. Sorry if I was not clear.
I do really like the figure set though.

Interesting fugures, the crewman slicing the bread is taken directly from a photo of a Tiger I radio operator/MG gunner I’ve seen in a couple of books.