PTO 1/35 LVT (A) 1 Diorama

the Amtrak is OOTB 1/35 scale from revell the tank crew figure is from tumpreter LCM KIT and the marines are from dragon.

The foliage are plastic that go in aquariums


That looks really nice. And its a very clever idea to use foliage from fish aquariums … did you tone the colours down as they can be pretty bright ?

Nice job. That track is the stiffest I have ever work with. A real pain to work with and super tight on my kit.

Sure looks good! And a ver ylever idea indeed :+1:, must pay a visit to the local petshop to see what they have.

Very nicely done Gaz. Great little setting and the foliage has come up well.

You could have gone this way Ryan…
Comes with a free extra:

It is a pity that AFV Club did not add sprockets to their indy set to replace the Italeri (Revell is a rebox) ones, so you can use their tracks. You can still use them, but you have to cut the Italeri sprocket teeth off.

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Great job Ryan. Love the camo job and the figs too


Yes I have to paint the leaves in different greens, the foliage comes in all sorts of bright colours


Yes, the tracks are a nightmare. I had to staple the ends so they would not fall apart

Pet pat

Those tracks do look hard to put together. If I saw them they would be straight in the bin. I am no good with PE add ons compared to those AFV ones look good


Yep, a straight jacket for sure.

I wish my kits looks that good. Gaz built that kit.

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