Puddle Jumper CA Station DIY

Here’s a little DIY for you CA Glue wranglers out there. :man_artist:

’Puddle Jumper CA Station’ … or any excuse to LEGO. :brick: :laughing:

Parts Callout:
• Ceramic Tile.
• Masking tape.
• Lego Bricks.
• Blu-Tak, aka Fun-Tak.
• Applicator sticks (variety).
• CA Kicker Brush.

This little unit has continually evolved over the years, ever since my first bad experience using CA glue.

:mask: Always wear a mask when working with chemicals. :test_tube:
:no_entry_sign: WARNING: Do not lick the green tape! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hope you find this useful.


Waaaay too well organized! Next you’re gonna tell me tweed shag carpet is not good for my model building area. :grin: