Pursuit in France - may 1940

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There was a time when the Waffen SS “Totenkopf” Division, after fulfilling its mission in the Invasion of Holland, was given the task of supporting the advance of the Army’s 7th Armored Division (Ghost Division), at the time commanded by no less than General Erwin Rommel, and who pursued the retreating English troops. Their advance had been so swift that they ended up without infantry support. Together they continued their progression towards the region of Arras, France, where they faced a fierce counterattack from the Allied Forces.
That’s the way I found to put together this figures from WSS and Heer. They fit well on this particular event, I guess. And there is also a Panzer II Ausf C/D from Tamiya.

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Excellent job there Gelsen! The tank , figures and base are all done to a high degree. Where did you get the building? Great job

Hi, Richard!
Thanks for the words. The building was ,made using Balsa-Foam 10 plus cork, balsa wood and plastic. I have some pictures.


Excellent composition and painting. Very nice positioning and interaction of figures as well.


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Beautiful scratch-building work- the intricate stonework is very precise and you’ve really brought it to life in your paintwork. The lovely weathered roof adds character and the red woodwork immediately grabs the eye.

Just the right amount of figures for the scene too and with a vehicle that doesn’t overshadow either them or the building. Excellent color work on the uniforms too- a nice variety of field grey and camo.


That is outstanding Gelsen!

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Thanks a lot, Mike! I appreciated it.

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Hy, Karl!
Unfortunatley this stuff is very hard (and not cheap) to find down here. Thank you very much for the good words.

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Thanks, Richard!

It goes without saying but I forgot to mention I also used MiniArt Diorama Accessories.

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Nice work ! just came across a series on Netflix today and started watching. Transatlantic. Maybe a good watch in the background at least.

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Very nice. How did you do the roof?

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Very cool !!!


Good Morning, Ryan!
Those Flanders Sheets of the roofing were made using a kitchen device (I don’t know what it’s used for). It works better with aluminium foil (like soda cans). In this case I used styrene sheets and don’t work well but they stay smoother than the aluminium foil, as you can see in the picture. Both were of 0,20mm in thickness.

Thanks for watching!


Thank you, Glenn!

Very clean work, and as mentioned before nicely balanced in colo*r and composition!.
Cool intro story as well. :saluting_face:
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m very happy you liked it.

Thanks for sharing. :+1: