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PUTIN'S WAR: FROM CHECHNYA TO UKRAINE is an overview of post-Soviet Russia. It is available from OSPREY PUBLISHING.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/putin-s-wars-from-chechnya-to-ukraine

Thank you for the thorough, well written review Fred. :slight_smile:

Excellent review Samuel- a very thoughtful and nicely written piece.

*Edited to give credit to Samuel, as per @JPTRR 's post below.

@Karl187 @Harv , thank you, guys. It is well written and thoughtful, but it is not my work. Samuel Weaver wrote it. Something happened to the submission and I published it. Unfortunately, there is not a way to assign the review to him, as could be done on the olds site.

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Sorry about that Fred. I missed the part where it said it was by Samuel. So, very nice review Samuel. :slight_smile:

Eventually not my first choice considering other books from the author. I read Galeotti “Armies of Russian´s War in Ukraine” and found it biased towards Ukraine . Bias spoted in the way he reffers to russians “insurgiants” or the (subjective) idea that Ukraine could have a “… liberal, economically vibrant, European democracy …”.
Not a objetive analisys as I had hoped .