Putting decals on top of other decals?

I thought there was a thread on this, but I can’t find it…

I have several two part decals for my Iraqi MIG. When you put one decal on top of another one, do you seal in the first decal with a layer of varnish, or just wait until it has settled in and then add the second decal?

I have always simply added 2nd decal over first after first had dried - never had any issues.

Likewise. No issues that I remember happening due to this method.

Thanks guys!

Unless the second decal is exactly the same size and shape as the first one, you will see an impression of the first one under the second. It also goes without saying that the second one has to be centered perfectly over the first one…unless, of course, you don’t want it to be centered as per the original.
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DML have used the two decal system for years for number plates for their German subjects. As the others say, just let the first transfer dry, then add the other one. You can always varnish the lot afterwards if you want. It probably does help if you use some sort of transfer fixative like Decalfix.