Putting That New Kit In The Stash


Yup! And try to find it when you want it! :woozy_face:

Fortunately, my model stash doesn’t look like this ! :dizzy_face:

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Isnt that @SSGToms stash?

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Sadly mine does! I put kits in those cardboard office-storage boxes with lids, so my storage unit is VERY “Raiders” indeed…

(But so far no dead rats, Russian spies, or melting Nazis to report!)

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For most of my +/- 400 kits I know what I have and where! So that photo is not valid for me … :grin:

Nope @Uncle-Heavy stash for warehouse 1.


You know… that half full, half empty crap. :tumbler_glass:

No big deal…. Just make an inventory lol.

If anyone needs a good charity to donate to my bench is always open!

You can’t have too much fun and you can’t have too many kits - providing they are mostly ( but not all )
1/48 aircraft - :grin:

Yep, that’s about right. How did they get in my house to take that photo of me? :laughing:

I didn’t find any Nazis either, Tom, but I did find a dead mouse. Darn cats aren’t doing their job.


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Hahahaha. Accurate!

When messing with storing the stash just think of it as a real life Tetris game
Example of one of my stash closets

:beer: :robot: :beer:

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At the last count I had 74 kits , with a mixture of vehicles and figures . These go from Napoleonic period through to present day .
The trouble I have is that I know what I want to do , from dioramas to vignettes . What’s stopping me is the lack of room to display them , so that warehouse would be ideal . I am still adding to the stash as new ideas still come to me lid I don’t want to miss models when they are at sale prices , as you never see them at that price ever again .