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Modern Russian Navy Pyotr Velikiy 2017 Complete Upgrade Set 

Scale - 1/350th

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Already have one on order but it seems that the base kit from Trumpeter is not available anymore anywhere at the moment. Anyone have a clue where to get a base kit of the Peter the Great?



Found one on e/bay
Trumpeter 1/350 04522 Russian Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy 9580208045221 | eBay
Probably your best bet to find one.
Andy :slight_smile:

Nice but doesn’t correct the huge error in the aft hull around the screws. That of course would require a (resin?) replacement section.

@Andy: Already tried to order this one but the shop owner told me TRUMPETER is still shut down and dont produce. The ship will / may be available again at February. Last week I asked him if there is some new informations about availability but he denied.

@Littorio: Which huge error is there in the aft hull around the screws? Can you specify it please?



Thomas, it is mainly the ‘bulges’ by the aft most shaft supports. The kit has these in the wrong place and also more as scallops instead of bulges.
Here’s some photos which show it although not Peter the Great they are of sister ships.


Oh and in case you want to open the hanger here’s a couple of photos.

Thank you for the great pictures! Now I understand what you mean; this means I will build this ship within a seascale diorama - problem solved :kissing_smiling_eyes: :beer:

Not a problem Thomas, at least you know before you started unlike me who now has a half built Kirov then found out about the error.

How hard would it be to build up the bumps with putty? Or maybe make a set of cover plates and resin cast them, seems a little pay for your work is nice. Besides if someone did sell them. Please let me know my ship is on the way.