Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Vomag Eary Prod May 1943 | Armorama™

Here we take a look at the Panzer IV Ausf. H Vomag from MiniArt full interior kit to see just how good this kit really is

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I presume that it is labelled “early Production” to get round the elephant in the room, the lack of Zimmerit. Virtually all Ausf H Panzer IVs had Zimmerit applied except for a very few early ones.

That is a phrase from heaven for slackers like me when it comes to Zimm lol :grin:

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Looks to be an extremely nice kit.

I always love a tank chassis/tub that builds up from separate floor, sides and end pieces. It may pose a little more work to get everything perfectly square and straight, but it also usually guarantees that the tub casting as a whole will have more detail and probably more accurate details with fewer comprises made to accommodate the limits of even current day molding technology.

And then to offer this with full engine, fighting compartment and turret interior detail! Oh my!

I don’t know the Panzer IV very well, but I see a few problems in this kit.

The kit builds a tank with two radios; FuG.5 plus FuG.2.
This was not standard. Typical tanks would have the FuG.5 only, while platoon or company leaders would be fully fitted out like this model.
The kit doesn’t make it easy to omit the FuG.2 or its power supply.

A dual electric cable is molded onto the turret ring surface (Hb16) leading to the azimuth dial. In reality this double-faced dial was unpowered and there was no cabling there.

The kit includes two kinds of intercom set. The old “Z” system is here, and also the new “Kasten 20” system. Of course a real tank would not have two separate intercoms at once. For the Ausf.H, you should not use the “Z” system’s parts.

There are no turret locking holes in the hull roof.