Q nets for M-ATV

Getting back into modeling and wanted to do a M-ATV like my son rode around in at Bagram. The q nets are the problem, is there any source for them or does someone know of a process to build them?

head to a fabric shop and try looking at the various “Tulle” (pron: tool) like netting material. there might be one with little balls like the Q-Nets

What are Q nets?

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q-Net

Neat stuff! Thanks a bunch.

Thanks, very helpful, I’m checking out a few things. I found some camo nets on ebay the look like they might do the trick, but the disks at the intersection of the lines of the netting is going to be a problem. The thing is, I saw a pic of a model m-atv that had great look nets, but I have no way to contact them.

I remember the nodes as being hexagonal in shape, almost cast within the intersection. The easy but less realistic way would be to use screen material or flat PE mech and glue hex slices at the intersections. That has obvious drawbacks. The best way would be to 3D design one intersection with the hex and connect then reproduce the image connected to it itself as many times as you need to. Then have it 3D printed. That way each component of the netting has the proper profile.

That’s an interesting solution, I don’t have access to 3D printing, but I could see where that might be the answer.


Variant :

More views in this ML thread…



I am almost sure you are talking about this model.

FABULOUS WORK ! :crazy_face:

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A few more views of this build here :


The builder, Amzyy Wang, is on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/amzyy.wang.3


WOW, Yep, that’s the one, the workmanship is outstanding. I don’t think I could come close to that.

That work is Awesome, does anyone know if he did an article or vid on that? I don’t do Facebook, but would love to communicate with him.

Work in progress pics would be nice for the RPG nets, their roll bar frame, and their mounting brackets.

Hi all,
I’ve just found this thread. So I am working on 3D printing the Q-net using my 3D printer and CAD software at the request of Morso484.

Took me about 3 hours to design it and 1 hour to print a sample section:


B/c the supports are breaking the rope part when trying to separate them, I am going to try printing vertically instead of horizontally. Overall, it’s going to be a lot of trial and error - time, resin, money, etc. to perfect it. I anticipate at least 40 hours devoted to design and print.

Before I go any further, any committed buyers for this before I do more work?
I am thinking about charging at least 100 USD for a whole M-ATV kit (nets, poles, attachment brackets, etc.). If there is not at least 2 committed buyers for it, there’s no ROI for this.

The T-90M has this type of net on its turret and Tiger Models just released their kit of it.

Dan, you know any photos of that part? The kit is so new that I haven’t seen any reviews or anything.


Rob, thats the MS version, we need the M.

I’ll see if I can find the kit parts.