Qantas Boeing 747 SP Released | AeroScale

Another 1/144 scale Boeing 747 SP has been released by Welsh Models this time in the livery of Qantas

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Well, there isn’t a “See full Post” button to fool me. :roll_eyes: It’s a funny looking plane almost a 1:1 egg plane vibe. :wave:

Mark, Kangaroos don’t lay eggs, unlike a couple of our other mammals :upside_down_face:

I’m liking this one, it might tempt me to my first Vacform build some day!

Cheers, D

Well, Kangaroos might not lay eggs, but I think Welsh might have. I have a couple of dusty old vacs waiting to be my first, not gonna be this one. :wave:


There was a special 747 SP flying over UK and Irish airspace in the early hours this morn!