Q's on airbrushing in the cold

Howdy, I moved into my new house in November and have finally got a modeling area set up in the basement. It’s 60 in the basement. I could open up a couple of vents and warm it up BUT… I’m already suffering sticker shock from the cost of heating a condo vs. a whole house.
Also, I am switching over to Vallejo Acrylics and Tamiya paints from Model Master enamels.
A) Should I just wait until Spring hopefully comes and paint in the garage or is 60 OK?
B) Did I damage the new paints by keeping them in the basement at 60?
C) Tap water from Lake Michigan is pH neutral. But now I live in a small town away from the lake. Should I use distilled water for my AB? OR, will water with a mineral content cause problems?
D) The LHS just started stocking Revell of Germany paints & supplies. Anybody use them ?
Comments on them please.
Thanks for any input on my questions !

My own booth is in a room that gets that cold mid-winter, and I’ve managed to spray OK. But you might want to open the vents at least while you are down there, for comfort if nothing else! Can’t see it harming the paint, but I’d avoid freezing temps…

Invest in distilled water for thinning and cleaning the AB - too many “extras” in tap water!

As for RoG paints, I’ve never got on with them. But I do know they only work with RoG thinners - most other things turn them to goo.

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Thanks Tom for the quick response !
I figured distilled water would be the way to go, but had to ask.
I do use a space heater when I build along with a jacket . And will build a room this Summer with a vent & good lighting for my “shop”.
I’m at a spot where I either have to paint something or start something new. I do have a couple of kits I was going to practice with for my transition from enamels to acrylics, so maybe now’s the time
Thanks for the heads up on RoG paints,

I paint in my unheated basement at 56 sometimes,no changing anything,no problems,as long as paint dont freeze,will be okay.

Hehe! I’ve got a bunch of half-sprayed builds, and more “new” ones in raw plastic waiting for the right mood… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Paint is normally designed to work optimally at 70 degrees F.

Thanks guys for your responses ! I’ve opted for build something now and wait a while longer for warmer weather. Thanks Anthony for letting me know that 60 will work.
Next up is Academy’s new Pz.III with some part swaps from left over Dragon kits. Not a lot of parts so it should go quickly. Hopefully, by the time I’m done Spring will finally be here!

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I live in MI near the 45th parallel and my basement is not warm, running about 60 in the winter, and I spray paint with no problems (other than my own goof ups)

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Depending on the size of your space you may want to consider a space heater to help bring the temperature up. I build and paint in my basement. Humid in the summer so I use a dehumidifier in conjunction with an inline moisture trap. Greatly reduces problems with water. In the winter it’s cold and dry so I use a space heater to warm it up a bit. Probably doesn’t get to 70F but it does help. I AB almost exclusively with Tamiya. Good luck.

HI, If you are at a comfortable temp, then your paints should be ok., they may take longer to dry in damp/humid/cold conditions, then dry instantly on the tip above 70 degrees F.

If you like MM paints, why not stick with them?

Never let your paint stock get close to freezing, however you measure it. Badger StyNylRes is reported as separating/going to goo if frozen.

Revell acrylics in the square pots: Can’t remember what I used to thin, probably Medea thinner, or distilled (never tap) water.
Note, once opened, they have a definite limited shelf-life, they dry out! I Otherwise OK, & I like them I only keep them for the Bundeswehr early & late Olivgrun, for that reason.

Good luck

Thanks guys for the responses ! That’s what I like about Armorama, all the helpful, knowledgeable people who are willing to share their experiences, sometimes learned the hard way, and tips.
Steviecee, you & Anthony,(Tojo 72), both spray in the basement and it works for you guys. So, I guess it should work for me too.
Armorsmith, I do use a space heater. It’s a Goodwill find and way too small. Hopefully there will be some end of the season sales on a bigger one. Also, I’m going to enclose a corner in the basement for my modeling room. Should be easier to heat. We do have a top of the line dehumidifier and I use a moisture trap. I’m going to experiment with both Tamiya & Vallejo during my change over and probably will use both.
Jon, I’m switching over because MM paints are out of business and I should really get into the 21st century anyway. Heck, I just got my first cell phone last year.
I was concerned about the handful of Tamiya & Vallejo paints I have going bad in a 60 basement for months.
As far as Revell paints goes I’m not even going to start. It’s just that they’re new at the LHS and was curious.
I’m still going to use Humbrol enamels for figures. I’ve got 20 year old pots that I can pop the top, give it a good stir and away I go!

Thanks again guys for all the tips and advice!