Quality of Star Decals?

I thought I saw someone comment on the quality of their decals here but I can’t find it so perhaps it was on the old forum.

Anyone use them? They have some nice looking sheets of decals that would work for Iranian vehicles from the Iran Iraq war.

I like it
I have used it with good results
you pay attention to information; Sometimes a deeper study is needed to verify that they are all correct

Thanks Smolensk,

They go on well? Are thin or thick? Respond to setting solutions well?


I can second @smolensk.
Have used both Star and Bison Decals(the previous business incarnation of the owner)- they have some Bulgarian WWII era marking sets.
They go well, are thin and responded well to the only solution I use(Mr. Mark Setter Neo).

Deeper study is really necessary though- both StuG III and Panzer IV decal sets offer green color crosses, that were NEVER used on Bulgarian WWII era AFV.


Used them many times without issue. Respond very well to Microsol and Set

I have used them with no real issues. The only problem I have had is that their yellow decals are overly translucent and did not show up well on the kit.

Used them many times. I start with a gloss surface. Apply the decal one Micro Set first and then fix with Micro Sol second as per manufacturer instructions. 24 hours later I use Micro Sol again. When all has been dry for a day of two, I apply a gloss coat, wait for it to harden and then start the weathering process
The only time I’ve had a problem it was all down to the doofus with fat fingers failing to use the skills he has built up over 40 years. :wink:

Yeah, that guy visits my place on occasion too. We need to keep him away! :rofl:

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