Question about 1/72 Su-27 family

I want to start a model of the Su-27 family. My first option was the Su-33. Who is better. Trumpeter or Zvezda?
Thanks for your atention

Hi !

Zvezda has one model from 1997 and a new tooling from 2016, and the Trumpeter is also from 2016.
You will have a good model from any of these new kits.
Avoid the 1997 kit and the Italeri kit too.

Building video from Zvezda

Building video from Trumpeter

I hope this helps.
I have both kits in stash, I can’t pick one from the other :smile:

Thanks for your repply @Nito74

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I hope the videos will help you in your choice.
I also have Italeri and Zvezda old kits with some other Flankers.
But I think at 1:72, Trumpeter and Zvezda( new kits ) are the best choices.
Check the decals available, the schemes are pretty much the same for the Su-33.
With the Su-27 and Su-30’s you have a wide choice of countries and markings, some countries in Africa and Asia have very unusual schemes.

Yes, you are right @Nito74, I make and order from a modelshop in asia for the Trumpeter Su-33, as the first wich I made.
Thanks again for your help