Question about aftermarket stuff for 1/25th scale armor

Does anyone know of any companies that produce aftermarket items for 1/25th armor?
I’m looking for any and all photo etched stuff, machine guns, and the main gun barrel etc.
Thank you.

One company that does Am items in 1:25 is ABER, While mostly for Tiger !s,
there some stuff for Panthers and Russian tanks.
See all items available here:
Scroll down for 1:25
Hope this helps.

RB Model from Poland has several 1/25 scale turned barrels.

Eduard has a PE set for Hasegawa Jeep.

One of our own members, Piterpanzer, produces a variety of items in 1/25. You could probably PM him.

i`m here, but not everyday, like during old forum time.
If somebody is looking for all accessories at one place welcome to my world 1-25 scale funs.
That, especially for You is forum and shop
As always welcome!