Question about AFV Club one piece bigfoot tracks for M2A2, AAV7 and CV90

I have dragons M270A1 MLRS and need big foot tracks for it AFV Club has 1 piece tracks for the M2A2,AAV7and CV90 since the AAV7and CV90 are longer than the Bradley will those AFV Club 1 piece bigfoot tracks fit the M270A1 ?

You can use these, which are made in China. I used them on my Meng M2A3 BUSK.

R-Model 1/35 35076 Metal Track For modern M2/M3 Bradley CV-90 warrior IFV M270 | eBay

i want to make this bould a quick one and dont want to have to deal with indi links

You would have to make sure the tracks fit in the drive sprockets; then check for length and sag; If it’s too long, you can cut it to size, removing maybe one link, then either glue the track together with CA or stitch it together. The key would be to make sure the track fits around the drive sprockets.

Yes, the AFV Club rubber band tracks fit on the Dragon MLRS. They do not fit the Tamiya or Academy Bradley kits as the sprockets have only 10 teeth as opposed to the correct 11 teeth sprockets.

thanks heavy I wasnt sure it would fit since the MLRS wasnt listed on the packaging im glad they will fit
im not in th mood to deal with indi links and having to glue the rubber pad on

Thinking about it more, you may need to get two sets and splice extra tracks onto each side since the M270 MLRS is built on an extended Bradley chassis. I think it requires a few more links per side.