Question about Bronco Archer and 3rd Canadian Anti Tank

I am building Bronco Models Archer. Having a lot of fun with it so far. I’m getting to the stage where I need to pick one of the 4 marking options as each has different late/early features. I’m thinking of doing the one from the 3rd Canadian anti tank. I had a question though. The other 4 marking options have a year and theatre like italy 1944. The Canadian one has (46 AOS) does anyone know what 46 AOS stands for? I’m guess it’s some post war unit in 1946 similar to the British army of the Rhine (BAOR).

The one on the right is the one I’m leaning towards

It’s an Arm of Service sign. Red over blue for the Royal (Canadian in this case) Artillery and the 46 for the unit number. I don’t know what unit the “46” actually was but expect someone around here has the appropriate references.


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Appreciate it! I can find I for on the 46 I found a really good article on the 3rd Canadian infantry division and it’s order of battle when it had the 3rd Canadian anti tank archers

Looks like 46 Red over Blue is Anti tank regiment

Thanks a bunch! I found a resupply paper indicating the 12 archers of the 3rd Canadian Anti-tank were received in Jan 1945, so a german theatre is probably appropriate.

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Mead… A Pic of the actual vehicle depicted by Bronco:

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Fantastic! Thanks a bunch!

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I’m way late to the party on this one Mead (this just showed up in my feed), but for future reference

It’s not comprehensive, sadly it’s missing Corps and Army level assets and some other formations but it’ll probably get you 70% of your units.

I wish someone would put together a post war equivalent.


@Mead93 the M1919 machine gun wouldn’t have anything to do with your choice would it? :wink:

It’s definitely a factor! It’s also the only Canadian markings. The kit comes with two polish marking options and one Scottish in addition to the Canadian one!

I do like the M1919 and the big spotlight though

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