Question about Gaspatch

Anybody buy replacement WWl MG’s by Gaspatch? Are they injected plastic; cast resin or white metal, with PE detail; 3D printed? I’m building a 1/48 Eduard WWl aircraft and would like to know if the Gaspatch items are better than the kit ones.

May be slightly irrelevant to your question since I can’t speak to the MG’s, but I have some of their 1/32 scale rigging turnbuckles and those are cast in white metal.

Best intel that I can offer on the subject…

Aren’t they 3D printed? I have some 1/48 turnbuckles and they are printed.


Aren’t they 3D printed? I have some 1/48 turnbuckles and they are printed.

The ones I have are definitely cast in white metal, but they are some years old. I think I actually bought them from a vendor at a model show 3-4 years ago, and they were not new stock at that time.

It’s entirely possible that they have changed their mastering and production methods and technology in the mean time.

The Gaspatch MGs I have from this year are resin. They are very detailed. If you check on the company website, I remember there are some helpful tips on using them because the resin they use isn’t quite like most of what we modelers are used to. I found the tips helpful.

Thanks for the replies.

The gaspatch machineguns are resin, but there is no warpage, and some of the castings are so delicate that I believe they must be 3d printed. Buy them and you wont regret it.

I purchased Gaspatch replacement Spandau and Parabellum MG’s for a Wingnut 1/32 Roland. They are made of resin, and the detail is incredible. Minimal to no clean up is necessary. You will have no regrets with purchase.

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Yeah…been waiting almost three weeks now. By the time they arrive I won’t need them anymore! :angry:

What online source is everyone purchasing the Gaspatch turn buckles?
Thanks in advance.


You can buy direct from Gas Patch, but as they are located in Greece (Europe), it could take forever for orders to arrive! :angry:


I buy fairly regularly direct from Gaspatch. Kostas offers great service and his products are exceptional. I have machine guns, airspeed indicators, turnbuckles, ammo belts, etc. All perfect. Order to delivery takes 10 days to here in Rhode Island USA, just south of Boston. Regards, Pete in RI