Question about Kodiak AEV in Afghanistan

I’m going to add to my OIF/OEF collection a Border Model Kodiak AEV. I found a information ( Wikipedia ) that this vehicle was used during war in Afghanistan. Unfortunately when i try to find some pics I have only two from Rheinmetal in desert camo and barracuda. Can You help what cantry send Kodiak’s to Astan and in config ( AEV with dozer or Pearson mine plought) ?
Thank You for help
Chris from Poland

Actually I never heard of any. If so, it might only have been Canada most likely. But again, never heard or read about.


No AEV 3 / PiPz 3 / Kodiak AEV in AFG so far.

CAN used Badger/Dachs AEV in AFG, changed to Wisent 2 AEV later.


I doubt it, Canada doesn’t operate the AEV3. If you’d ask me it’s just a mistake on Wikipedia. Someone mistook the photos of the desert trials for an active deployment and put it on the Wiki page.

Actually you are right. I had the Wisent AEV in mind when I wrote this. I am getting older. Yes, the pictures being desert trails was also my thought…

That wil be so cool


Canadians used in Afghanistan Leo 1 ARV/AEV 2006-2011 and Bergpanzer 3 which arrived in Aug 2007-2011, Wisent 2 (RAM) came post Afghanistan mission in Canadian service…

seems to be a hot climate test, possibly in Spain. No Kodiak AEV3 was deployed in A-stan missions.


hi All

the only AEV I know served in Afghanistan was Trojan and with full armour and TWMP and of course