Question about M747 trailer

Is it possible to connect M747 trailer with M983 tractor, M931 tractor or MTVR tractor during OIF ( 2003+) ?
I know M911 c-het was replaced by M1070 but maybe US army left M747 trailer in service ?
Thank You for help
Chris from Poland

I didn’t see any M747 trailers while I was in Iraq ('03 invasion and '08-'09), but they could feasibly have been used. The HET tractor can easily pull it. Not Iraq, but you get the idea.

I highly doubt it though since the HET tractor and M1000 trailer make up the M1070 HETS (Heavy Equipment Transport System) and are issued as a unit, not piecemeal. Also, the M747 was long out of service by OIF.

In Fred Crimson’s book “Modern military vehicles” there is a photo of the MK48 pulling and M747 with a M60 on it. But I don’t think you would be able to tow it with a M931. I’m willing to bet that the king pin of the M747 will be too large for the 5th wheel on the M931,MTVR.