Question about Naval badges

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While looking at basing my new ship builds I came up with an idea which will work for all my Royal Navy and even Merchant Marine ships in that I found I can get the ships badge as a lapel pin.

I can also add a Royal Navy ‘Lest we forget’ for any ships lost in combat as my mark of respect to those crews.

Now my question is, do other nations US, German, Japan, Oz, Dutch etc have anything similar, both the ship badge and the remembrance / memorial pin?

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Thanks Don, that covers any Canadian ships.

Don’t thank me yet. After exploring the website a little I’m not 100% sure they’re actually still in business.

Hi Don, after your post I also had another look round their site and the last update appears to be from 2015. Shame if they are no more as they look to have some interesting items.

Each USN ship has a crest. More readily available as an embroidered patch but if you search a particular ship you’ll probably find an enameled crest plaque or lapel pin as well.

The vast majority of the unit/ship badges I have seen were done as embroidered patches intended to be worn on jackets. Pieces of History has a number of ship badges as pins, mostly carriers. And there are a number of vendors selling vinyl self-adhesive unit or ship badges, but like the embroidered patches they are generally around four inches in height – considerably bigger than the pins you show, judging from the butterfly clutch you show.

Check out Challenge coins

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