Question about "tags"

Is there supposed to be a category for 1/72 (and other “Braille”) scale under “All”, or “All Tags”, 'cause I can’t find it! Or is 1/72 (and other “Braille”) just buried in all the rest of the posts? It used to be easy to find just the 1/72 (and other “Braille”) content.

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If people start tagging topics properly and Members (meaning trust level 2 or higher) create new ones as needed, then it should still be possible to find things more easily. We are still in the early phases though for stuff like that.

Braille Scale is now a tag though as you can see from it being added to this topic.


Thank-you!! :+1:

Is 1/48 considered to be Braille Scale?

No. 1/48 is usually referred to as quarter scale. At least in armor categories…