Question about the ICM B-26K canopy,,,,,,,,,

I was planning to build this kit with the canopy open over the co-pilot seat. A solid, closed canopy is also included. What I have run into is that the open version has the co-pilot’s Plexiglas separated into three distinct sections. I have looked at every pic I can find and have not found one with the canopy like the one with this kit. The solid canopy is molded as it should be with the co-pilot’s canopy as one solid piece. Anyone have any answer for this?? The kit otherwise is magnificent!! An outstanding kit, well worth the cost!! Thanks, Swede

The whole canopy should be three pieces: windscreen plus a clamshell split type canopy over the pilot & copilot.

That’s correct, but, again, the co-pilots “clamshell” is divided into the separate panels with molded “Frames”… One full panel with a small panel molded in in the half way point going forward to aft.

I guess maybe this should help…


The K should only have a small wind wing flap on the co pilot side

Sounds like they were basing the canopy off of the earlier types.

That just doesn’t make any sense as the fully molded closed canopy is perfect. The co-pilots clamshell has NO frames molded into it, just a full continuous piece of Plexiglas. I am amazed that there is no one the site that has purchased this kit. And also amazed that ICM would screw the pooch on this piece. Just a quick glance at the -26K .you could not fail to see the difference, especially since they molded it properly with the other canopy. I am debating whether to cut the proper piece out of the closed canopy.