Question about U.S. "stay back " sign used on vehicles

Hello, I need a little help for a color detail, please.

In 1:35 scale, warning signs used on US military vehicles during OIF and OEF operations are printed on white paper, so the back of the panel is white.

But what about the color of the back of the real panel ?
And what is the real material used to manufacture those panels ?

The ones I saw were printed on heavy foamboard that has heavy paper on both sides of the foam. I think it is called foam core. Usually the back side was also white.

Hello, Gino, thank you for your answer, it helps a lot.

Extra large “Stay back” signs should be attached to planes in Kabul.

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All of them that I’ve seen and photographed were made from aluminum, and the backs were not painted. I set this one against the HESCO myself.

This one is aluminum as well. Note thinness where holes are drilled. Foam core is thicker, more brittle, and will not hold up to flapping around behind a vehicle.


I imagine the sign is below the trunk monkey


Trunk Monkeys can appear anywhere! They are all good friends with Kilroy !


Thank you for the pictures, Robert.