Question about White M3A1 Scout in British service

Greetings,friends! My friend is looking for any photos with White M3A1 Scout on British service. Does anyone have some? I have found some of them on IWM. But they are not interesting for modelling.



These ones are Canadian but the overall look would be broadly similar. Just change up the appropriate Formation/AOS signs.

Remember, the White Scout Cars saw service everywhere. Unless your friend is dead set on recreating a very specific vehicle in a very specific setting, the sky’s the limit on what they can do in terms of colours, markings and stowage.

If they’re looking for appropriate colours for a specific time period this is a good reference.

This individual has done a great job codifying British Formation and AOS markings

Hi Canmedic,

with all respect, but the first picture and the last picture in the row is not a Canadian vehicle.

The gentleman standing at the passenger seat is “Pip” Roberts, in 1942 Commander of 3 RTR!
In 1944, when this picture was taken he was Commander of 11th Armoured Division. The original picture shows the 11th Armored sign at the front!
The third vehicle is “Pip” Roberts Scout Car WITH the 11th Armured Formation sign!



I guess I wasn’t clear. That comment was referring to the images contained in the link I also provided.