Question for the Apache experts

I was thinking of coming out of retirement building flying things instead of AFV’s and I was thinking about the new Takom kits.
From what I can see the E model in UK service is exactly the same as the US one.

So apart from markings does it make any difference which of these I make please?:

Thank you in advance.

At least according to one post on Britmodeller the WAH-64E is an off the shelf purchase without the upturned exhaust unlike the WAH-64D which has is Westland built with lots of differences. A poster said the E of the world boxing would be the needed version.

Don’t know enough to say if that information is correct or not but what I could find.


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The difference between the two kits is the mk-1 British comes with smaller British style fuel tanks, rounded front rocket pods and a different ECM receiver for the pylon tips. you do not get in the Mk-1 kit the parts to fold the rotors. According to Hal Klopper at Boeing, all Apaches from the WAH-64 production line forward have the folding rotor capability included. If you intend to use a 3-D, printed cockpit set, there is a difference between the generic Quinto Ah-64 set and the Red fox set Design for the British Mk-1 kit. I am not an expert on which one is correct, but there is a difference between the two as I have both. I do find red fox easier to use as you do not have to dip them in water at all, But that’s just my personal preference.

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