Question on M60A3 & M1A2 Road Wheels

I’ve got numerous M60 & M1A1 (etc.) books in my library and…for the life of me, I can’t find the diameter of the roadwheels for these 2 tanks?
Odd question…but would be nice to know.

M47/M48/M60/M88 ROAD WHEEL

NSN: 2530-00-701-3976

PART NUMBER: 7013976

Steel Welded, Construction, Vulcanized

Nominal Size: 26″ X 6″


NSN: 2530-01-201-4816

PART NUMBER: 12324548

Aluminum Forged with Steel Wear Ring Rubber Vulcanization

Nominal Size: 25″ X 6.25″


Gino, once again your wealth of knowledge and generosity of sharing is remarkable. Thank you.
I doubt the 1" difference between the 2 roadwheels, even in 1/16th scale will be an issue. (already have the center hub from a M88 project)
Reworking a Trumpeter road wheel w/altered nut/bolt pattern and the triangular “blades” won’t be an issue. (make a couple of masters & mold/cast them.)
Trying to get DKLMC/OKMO to sell a non-RC version of their 3D M60A3 seems to be no-joy.
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Who are these guys: DKLMC/OKMO ?

Greetings, They’re a Co. out of Hong Kong, who produce &/or dist.a vast array of 1/16th RC armor topics. Including what appears to be a very nice M60A3 (and a M60A2 Turret) I’m not into RC of any type, so I’m trying to get them to send me a quote for the A3 w/o any RC/elec. components…no luck. Several months ago I purchased their LP CROWs and Trophy APS. IMHO very good quality/detail. Didn’t require hardly any clean up, to retrofit to a WIP Trumpeter M1A2. Here’s the link to their web pg. take a look, you may like what you see.
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