Question on Tamiya U.S.S. Enterprise

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I was wondering what time period the Tamiya Enterprise represents. They have the Missouri circa 1991. The aircraft provided with the kit leads me to believe the model would be later than the commissioned date of the 1960’s.
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Post 1982, thats when they got rid of the beehive the kit was released in 1984

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Thanks for your response. So, would the Enterprise and Missouri as configured in the kit forms be contemporaries or would there have been additional changes to the Enterprise before 1991?
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That I couldnt tell you,maybe someone else has insight if there were major changes on Enterprise between 85-91

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Just looked at found this.
for ref only.


In April 1990, Enterprise completed her around-the-world deployment, arriving in Norfolk, Virginia, after having steamed more than 43,000 mi (69,000 km) (nautical). In October, the carrier moved to Newport News Shipbuilding for refueling and the Navy’s largest complex overhaul refit ever attempted. On 27 September 1994, Enterprise returned to sea for sea trials,

  • November 1985 to January 1986 – Repairs – hull/keel/propeller repairs from collision with Cortes Bank, Channel Islands, California.
  • September 1986 to March 1987 – Selected Restricted Availability
  • October 1988 to April 1989 – Selected Restricted Availability
  • October 1990 to September 1994 – Refueling and Complex Overhaul – aft boarding dock added.

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Enterprise did receive some alterations after the period depicted by the Tamiya kit. These included changes to her sponsons, her radars, radar domes and radar platforms, and other sensors, some of which occurred by 1991. Some of those changes are noticeable, others not so much.

The modeler/subject matter expert who can best identify specific changes in Enterprise’s appearance is Charles Landrum. A former officer aboard ship, he can reached on the “Calling all Big E Fans” thread of the forums of (click here).

There is a vendor, Greg Holmes, who offers some late-fit Enterprise parts that may help (click here). Greg does his homework so he is likely to know which parts he offers are good for circa 1991.

Hope this helps.

Hi Johnnych01 / Model_Monkey,
Thanks for the information. Just right now I’m not really interested in updating the Tamita kit. I was more curious as to whether or not the two kits were contemporary. I do appreciate your time and effort in assisting me.
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