Question on TP Model generator

Hi all,

Im looking for a generator trailer for my Italeri shelter truck. Does anyone have any recommendations? TP model and Y modelle make one, both resin.

Opinions would be appreciated.

I haven’t seen the Y-Modelle one, but the TP one is definitely short for toilet paper. It is horrible; a square, detail less blob. I quickly sold it for a loss. It is junk.

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Thanks Gino, looked nice in the pic - but hands on is a different situation.

AFAIK, the Y-Modelle trailer is a German Bundeswehr one, not a US one…–1101613


Thanks Frenchy, know of any US versions?

You can get a MEP-004A 15kW diesel generator from Shapeways :

…But you’ll have to find a suitable trailer for it. Don’t know if these generators can be carried in a M104 or M105 cargo trailer. :roll_eyes: The dedicated M103 trailer shares the same chassis as the latter…So a M105 conversion could be an option (MMK and PSM both make a M105).


I actually have the 3D 15Kw one and it looks great. Very detailed and finely printed.

Looks like they can…But I have yet to see such combination in military use…

The pictured generator is a 25 Kw MEP-005A.


Thats good to know. I understand PSM would be a good buy.

Wonder if anyone’s done the trailer conversion yet?

SKP Model makes a modern generator.
Since the US Military uses a wide variety of generators. Best is to do a google search about trailers and generators. It depends what timeframe you want to build. Internet holds a lot of TM´s on a wide a variety of generators. I build a LTT flatbed version with MEP Generator as seen on a recent exercise.

Lots of ideas from Google.
I always wonder why you guys don´t google first?

Another option would be using the M200A1 2-½ ton trailer chassis included in Hobby Fan M58 MICLIC kit (ref HF-056) along with the Shapeways generator.


You’d have to scratchbuild the fenders though…


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Thanks for the info everyone. Looking at the ODS era.Yes, there are some great images on Google but I need to find the type of gensets used during ODS before I look for images of them.

Two Marines start up the generator on a welding trailer as they prepare to work on a tank in a maintenance area in northern Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm

I guess the pictured trailer above is a 3 1/2 Ton M353 :

A smaller one :


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There would be a ready-made option…in 1/87th scale :wink:

Mini-Tanks Military US Desert Storm Series Heavy Truck – M923 5-Ton 6x6 w/Shelter & M2001A Trailer-Mounted Generator (Desert Tan)


The generator looks like a MEP-004A…


This combo can be very expensive one. :frowning_face:

The various kits of Patriot missile semitrailers contain a genset.
If you don´t need the whole semitrailer you can contact Trumpeter aftermarket sales for the parts. A few years ago I purchased sprues of their M1083 kit.

welder without gloves…

Some info about various trailer + generator combos can be found here :

Just check out the AN-MJQ series for a start.


Here’s the Dragon one (on the left), which differs from the one in Trumpeter kit… :


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