Question on trader board to@moderators

Are we permitted to have more than one post up “for sale”? If not, how do we edit the current post if we can’t edit the topic? I’m new so maybe there’s probationary-type rules I don’t know about? I can’t seem to post pictures either, I’m guessing that’s another limit?
Thank you very much!!! People here are very helpful!!!

Hi Bob,
You can edit posts via this icon:

You can also upload photos as a Basic member (which you are now, but for a while you might have been a ‘New’ member which didn’t have that ability).

And all original topic posts in BST can be edited by the topic owner indefinitely so yes you can post in one place if you prefer or do multiple titled product posts if you’d like. Either is fine.

Best wishes,

Many thanks, Jim! I certainly appreciate your time and help as I learn moving through a new-to- me forum. It sure seems to be a good one!
Respectfully, Dave

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Hi Jim. I am sorry to bother you again, but I still cannot edit the title in my post on the Trader Board to add more items. And, I’m not able to open a new (second) post. I guess I need to wait longer, or am I missing something? So sorry!

I don’t think titles are editable except by moderators or users who have ‘regular’ or ‘leader’ trust level status. You would need to have a fairly generic title for broad list of items I’m afraid. However you can always request in a post @moderators to make a title change if needed.

Okay, Jim, I understand. I won’t try to add anything to the already-posted title at this point. Is there a reason why I’m not able to post a second posting? I keep getting the red circle with a slash through it. If I can’t post a second thread, maybe I’ll need to bother a moderator (again-sorry) to change the title in the one posted.