Question re: Dragon M60 ERA Options

Greetings everyone. I was hoping to get some assistance with the Dragon M60 with ERA kit I recently got from a friend I was helpoing out. I am familiar that the base Dragon M60 kit is not perfect, but serviceable (small mantlet, wrong driver’s hatch etc.)

However, how good/bad are the IDF specific parts? So far, I’ve read (largely from the old armorama forum) that the 105mm guns on the kit are bad, as well as the cupola among other details. I’m not too fussy about dimensions (whether or not something is 1-2MM off) - but I’d like to get the details right.

Can I build a Magach 6R out of the kit by changing the barrel to one without thermal sleeves and leaving off the wind sensor? Thanks to anyone who can help point me to the right direction? Would it also be better to build this vehicle as a M60 Slick?

Hi James,
I agree that you got a bad base kit to begin with. However, if you are not too strict about accuracies, etc., build it in however and whatever way you want. In my opinion, the 105mm gun is passable, Urdan cupola is trash, mantlet cover is trash, FN-Mag mgs are good, the wheels suck (actually all the running gear and sprockets can use replacement), DS track can disintegrate, ERA blocks look off, turret is good, and the hull is undersized. You can get a reasonable looking Magach 6R out of it? Probably. Better to build it as an M60 slick? Maybe b/c no one else produces it, while you have more options to build an accurate Magach 6 using other manufacturers.
All up to how much you can tolerate and how much work you want to put into it. Have fun!

Kind regards,


Build it as a slick, either IDF or US. Keep the M48 parts for spares. You need to put a lot of work to make it a Magach 6R, depending on the spares you have.


Thanks for the feedback so far folks. I might just go for a barebones M60 slick. Still, it’s rather unfortunate the israeli parts are poor.