Question - Rear MG Mount - SdKz. 251

Anyone familiar w/ this ?
Have better pics?

It appears the MG is on a swivel mount living over on its side.
I’ve seen this before in less detailed pic’s…

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Full picture :

Genuine (dug out) mount (don’t know it will help with your request though…:wink: )


Looks like the standard rear mount to me. Granted that being brought up on Tamiya and other kits which always show the machine gun mounted upright, we are more used to seeing it this way, but from Frenchy’s photos of the real thing, it is clear that the bracket allows it to lie on its side.

I found this at M&Model’s web site. MG 42 Pivot Mount (

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Thanks Guys, Frenchy, that was a quick reply. And that pic of the old mount was very helpful.

Yes, I think that the gun to arm mount has alot of slop in the joints and would let the MG lean over.
Especially and older, well used one.

All this unfortunately is moot now, as the clip holding my 2nd MG42 launched it into Carpet Black Hole.
All painted and weathered, of course.
So I’m back to MG34…
:open_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :weary:

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