Questions about how to make weld seems on Panzer IV's in 1/16th scale

I bought a very mediocre model of the Panzer IV F1 at a very cheap price. Now that I have take a hard look at what i really need to do, I would like to know if you can tell me how to SBS make 1/16th weld seems for a Panzer IV F1?
Thank you

Roll some long skinny “worms” from A +B putty (or any epoxy putty), apply them in corners where needed, and press them with a suitable small tool. You may want to Google what typical weld seams look like, and imitate them.
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Martin Kovacs YouTube channel ‘Nightshift’ has an excellent tutorial video on weld seams. He even describes the custom tools he created.

If you are looking to do recessed welds cut trenches where you want welds with a micro-chisel using a straightedge as a guide, fill the trench with a bead of magisculpt or similar and use a tool to make the weld beads. You can fashion a tool from a cocktail stick or as I do for curved welds an old paint brush with the bristles drilled out and the edge chamfered down to a point. Practice on scrap but definately a 2 part putty will get best results though I have used greenstuff before applied left to dry a little while and then tooled. it softens with extrathin cement too if its too dry to work.


A package of toothpics (round ones; not flat) will give hundreds of sticks to carve for various shaped tools.
Caveat; wooden toothpics work well in 1/35, but you might need larger diameter sticks for the larger scales. Both toothpics and skinny dowels are available at local $+ stores.
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