Questions about lighting

First of all I want to say that I have quickly searched the forums and old forums for topics about lighting conditions and answers for that. And I have looked and read through the few topics I could find.
However, I don’t understand much of what is said in those topics. I know nothing about electrics. And most suggestions done for purchasing lighting equipment is given by American members. And it isn’t meant as an offence, but I’m not sure if I can do anything with those suggestions. I would like to see some more European specific suggestions and advice.
Also, I think that things like desk lamps are the best option for me. Because, they are the most flexible. I can move them a lot. And I just don’t have a dedicated hobby room.
Maybe some explanation about electrics might be appropriate as well.
What are you needing as well to help me out with this matter? I would be happily providing it to you.
Also, it might be easiest if I would get concrete advice.

daylight LED lighting works best for me. The LED’s are around a large magnifying area with robust spring loaded arms. A vice grip secures this to my desk as needed. The downside for me is the springs in the arms get weaker over time and so allows the light to droop.

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