Questions about links and photos

Good afternoon!
I am new to the forum. And I still do not fully understand all the terms and conditions of service.
Please tell me if I can get answers to the following questions:

  1. Can I post links to third-party websites in my messages without the consent of the copyright holders of those websites?
  2. Can I post photographs taken from other websites in my posts without the consent of the copyright holders of those websites and the copyright holders of such photographs?
    Sincerely, Vladyslav.

Vlad, hello and welcome to the forums. I don’t know exactly all the ins and outs but I can tell you what I have done.
I think most images from open source online are ok. If in doubt I always put before this when posting an image I am not sure about.
" Sourced from online and used only for reference and discussion only" or wording to that effect.
I think using links is fine unless it’s like a private domain that you have been granted access to.
I’m sure others will explain it better and give you the totally correct answer…

John, hello!
Thank you very much for the answer!
I agree with you. I think about the same.
If to follow the logic and common sense, then people create websites in order for other people to visit them. And the more users share links to these websites with other users, the better for the owners of those websites.
It is also clear that the copyright holders of domains and photos and videos can impose restrictions on the use of materials. Here, I probably just need to carefully read the terms of use of such materials before sharing links and downloading photos.
Sincerely, Vladyslav.

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You are free to post what you’d like. If copyright holders object and we agree that the photos or material is not being used in the context of “fair use” then we reserve the right to remove said photos. Links are find. You can’t copyright links to public websites.



Thanks Jim!
Now I won’t worry about it!
Sincerely, Vladyslav.