Questions about the 1/700th USS PENNSYLVANIA

I was wondering about the 1/700th USS Pennsylvania by dragon.
What is the difference between the USS Pennsylvania 1941 and in 1944? The dragon model is the USS Pennsylvania 1944.
Is there a big difference and if you could please be specific on the differences.
Also, if the differences from 1941 to 1944 can be made with aftermarket products, please specify, since I’m trying to build the Pennsylvania during the pearl harbor attack.
Thank you.

Lots of differences between her 1941 fit and 1944 fit. In 1944 the aft tripod mast had been removed and replaced by a shorter superstructure. Her for top was reduced in size. Her open mount 5”/25 AA guns had been replaced by enclosed twin mount 5”/38s, plus multiple batteries of 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons were were added. Multiple radars were also added.

Prewar fit and roughly how she looked in 1941

After her 1943 refit