Questions about the Apache helicopter

I have a 1/72nd IDF ah-64a apache helicopter and would like to know what is the color of the interior hatches where the avionics are located?
Thank you.

Zinc Chromate Yellow.

Depends on how old is the Apache. At some point they switched to a non chromate epoxy primer 44GN098. Mr Paint makes the color as MRP-191.


I didn’t think that there was an uglier color than yellow zinc chromate primer, but obviously they found one uglier for the new primer…


I will contend that most A models have/had yellow zinc chromate primer. Newer models would have the newer epoxy green primer.

I googled instead of guessing and would contend the switchover occured during 2007.

Thanks for the information. Now I need to know, how do you weather a color like zinc chromate yellow?
It’s such a light color, as I am trying to replicate the photos on this posting.

Whatever you do, please don’t give it a wash usng diluted black. Every time I see it I think it looks horrible. If you want to bring out details in panels, use sublty different shades. Dry brushing a slightly lighter shade on the edge of ribs or panels is still a nice technique, if not overdone. If there’s a motional light source above (the sun for example0 you can use a slightly darker shade to replicate shadows. A combination of both will give you nice results.



I just wanted to thank you for your information on this subject.
Now, I would like to know if you know what the color (s) are of the lens on the device that controls the main gun turret?
I’ve checked online and books for the information, but were unable to find anything about it. Does that mean that it is classified?

Since you have been such a great help with my apache helicopter.
So, I was wondering if you could tell me what the color of the stripe on the round radar on top of the main rotor?

My own references don’t show the stripe you’re talking about,. Perhaps it’s a later thing? Or unit speicific perhaps.

OK thanks. I’ll check the unit and see if I can get any information.

What is the best way to adhere clear parts to each other without any fogging?

Elmer’s School Glue. Model companies make similar glues usually called something like clear parts glue, or something similar. You can also carefully use 5-minute epoxy.

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