Questions about the F-16 A and F-16 C

I haven’t built a F-16 since I was a small child. I am not really very familiar with this particular plane.
So with this in mind, can you guys please tell me what the difference is between the A and C models?
Is it a big difference?
Because I have the A model but I can’t seem to find any detailed sets for the A, just the C model!
Thank you

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The C has an improved radar (AN/APG-68) and much better avionics.
Although originally they had the same engine as the A (PW F-100-PW-200), later they were re-engined with the PW-100-PW-200E.

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Thank you for your response. So then, to my understanding if I used the detailed sets for the C on my A it should be fine, unless they are obviously more noticeable? Is this correct? I’m not sure if I made myself clear on the A model that I have, I don’t remember. I have the Revel F-16A kit# 4410 1981 issue which has the Red, White and Blue paint scheme I know its an OLD kit,this is why I’m asking these questions.
Thank you

Not really, as the vertical stabilizer of the C sits on an enlarged base. This is, however, pretty much the only external difference.

Call me stupid…So the vertical stabilizer of the C is the major part, everything else is the same as the A. Correct?
sorry and thanks again.

Check out this site:
It should answer all your questions.

Correct. That’s the only major external difference.

Areas that will be different visually between an early A and late C: the base of the vertical stabilizer, large on the C, smaller on the A; the horizontal stabilizers, small on early A, larger on late A and C; intake, larger on the type with the GE engine; afterburner petals different between GE & P&W engines.
Other items that may be different: “beer can” antenna on wing leading edge, introduced in later upgrades; “bird slicer” antennas in front of canopy, different configurations depending upon version of F-16; bulges on sides of vertical stabilizer base on F-16A ADF version.HUD size & shape has changed over the years with new production blocks and variant updates, original tinted and non tinted canopies for use with night vision goggles.

As said above, is a great site for info and photos. The F-16 has evolved quite a bit from its early look and capabilities over the past 45 years.

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like I said in my earlier posting, this kit is the old kit from 1981 so with that in mind here are the items that I was going to purchase to make this ok kit into a better kit.

  1. Aires-air7182 F-16A Fighting Falcon Radome 1/72nd scale
  2. Aires-air7196 F-16CG/CJ Falcon Cockpit set 1/72nd scale
  3. Aires-air7155 F-16A/B Fighting Falcon Exhaust nozzles 1/72nd scale
  4. Aires-air7131 F-16 Fighting Falcon wheel bay 1/72nd scale
  5. Aires-QB72196 F-16 Block 5-10 Floating elevator 1/72 scale
  6. Edward-Army cast F-16 drop tank stencils 1/72nd scale
  7. Edward-eduss151 Edward zoom PE F-16A or F-16B Falcon (Italeri)
  8. Edward Brassin-edu672032 AIM-7m sparrow missile set 1/72nd scale

This is just an idea I think would make this old kit be a better one.
Now I forgot to say on my original posting was that this particular kit was found at a local yard sale. It still has the original shrink wrap on it.
Hopefully with what I have shown you, you maybe able to give me some insight on what I’m up against or even this might just be a fun super detailed project. The one thing I wasn’t able to find was the avionics. Do you know who makes them in 1/72nd scale and also for the A/C model?
Thank you.

I’ll have to look up that kit to confirm, but… being a 1981 vintage kit, it is likely a Block 1, Block 5, or Block 10 airframe with the smaller stabilators. And some of those upgrades that you have listed above, such as the CG/CJ cockpit, would not be appropriate. The AIM-7s are out because aside from during the initial flight test program, no A’s carried Sparrows until the ADF variant came out in the late 80’s, and those had a different tail, bird slicer antennas, top and bottom, and a side mounted floodlight for night ID purposes.
I would suggest looking for a resin seat with harness, because early 80’s seats were usually pretty basic from most companies, and at best only had a decal harness, if that.

Here is a build review of the kit. It is a rebox of a preproduction F-16, so a production radome probably will not fit.

I understand about what you have been saying.
I did get rid of the AIM-7 sparrows and the CG/CJ cocpit.
So to my understand a C cockpit is not going to be ok with this A model?
Because I just found a cockpit set by AIRES it is the air7130 F-16C Fighting Falcon cockpit set 1/72nd scale for the Hasegawa kit.
I was just wondering if this set will fit in the Revel kit.
Also I did have a question for you about my list # 1-6-7-8, will these be appropriate for my F-16A model?
I also want to thank you very much for all your advice in helping me with this kit. I normally do A-10 hogs, armor and figures mainly.

You’re quite welcome.
As far as items go, 1, the radome, may or may not fit, depending upon the kit contours- you may have to do some surgery.
6 & 7 should be fine, but 8, no need for the Sparrows.

You may want to look for these wheels while you’re at it.–1007193

Here is the list on Scalemates of detail and conversion parts made for 1/72 F-16s. Some are old and out of production, but ya never know what you can find secondhand.

Just remember that you want stuff for the A, Block 10 or earlier.

Thank you sir.
If I have any more questions I’ll post you a reply.