Questions about the German Panzer IV D and F

I’m really having a senior moment!
Can someone please tell me what is the difference between the Panzer IV D and the F models?
Is there a big or a very noticeable difference between them?
If anyone has photos to show the differences would be of great help.
thank you

Number one, the front plate the mg and driver’s visor are situated on is a straight plate for the Ausf F, but on the Ausf D it has a bend in it so that the driver is slightly forward of the mg. Cupolas are different. There are cooling vents on the hatches over the brake assemblies on the F, an air vent on the turret of the F that is not on the D, different rear idler, different rear plate, different side hatches on the turret…well it seems quite a few actually.

ok thank you for that information.

You need to distinguish between the F1 and F2 as well,
the F2 introduced the longer gun.

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There is a fairly recent point of contention going around about the F2 and G variants. The F2 had a distinctive “globular” muzzle brake while the G had a double brake. The gun on the G variant is also longer.

Tamiya released the F1 over a year ago. Then, they recently released the G variant which should have been labelled as an F2. Some argue that the two variants are the same. They are not.


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