Questions about the PNVS on the Apache Helicopter

I am trying to super detail the Academy 1/72nd Apache Helicopter in the Israeli 2 tone paint scheme and markings and would like to know, on the PNVS what are the lens color of this instrument?
Also, in this scale how would you make the lens?
Any information will be of great help.
Thank you

The bigger lens has a dark, anti-laser coating. The thinner lens is clear.


I would go with black on the inside of the bigger lens and leave the thinner one clear.

For the daylight TV camera portion, (left side as viewed from cockpit) I’d go with clear, but behind that, perhaps a piece of purple Mylar.

I quite like the way this method looks and plan on trying it on one of my upcoming AH-64s. May be a little tricky in 1/72 just due to the thickness of the CDs.

I see we travel in the same circles, so to speak. I’ve seen the video myself, but only suggested mylar for the very reason you mention - the small scale. But if the OP can pull it off, I agree that it’s the most realistic method by far.

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Where do you get mylar?

Party stores - they make mylar confettie, balloons, all sorts of things. Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell it in different forms as well -little bags of discs of assorted colors. Just ask there, they’ll hook you up.

Or…Look around the house. If you have a punch set, or even a small hole puncher, you can punch out the blue part of this Pop Tarts wrapper.

Thanks for all your help with this. I greatly appreciate it.

You can get it at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, maybe Walmart.