Questions about the tarmac squares

I would like to know what is the size of the tarmac squares in 1/72nd scale in inches?

There are two military air bases within about a half hour of me. One is even a rotary wing base for Singaporan Shithooks. I’m certain they will yield different measurements. In fact, I’d bet you’d find different sized squares within the same facility. But to better answer your question without riding out to one, there’s this:

Simply double the dimensions shown and you’ll have exactly what you’re asking for. :smiley:

Is that Singaporan “Shi(t) -hooks”, or “Shith-ooks”? :thinking:
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Thank you once again sir for the great information you’ve given to me.

Also, one more thing, what do you recommend on how to make the shocks that are connected to the engine covers in 1/72nd scale?
Here’s a couple of examples.

Hypodermic needles.
Different gauges, cut to size and one inserted into the other. 14 gauge is a handy starting point.

I also use brass micro tubing, but even that is too large for your needs in 1/72 scale.

Thanks again.

Looks like a collection you find around parks now! :scream: :rage:
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Thanks for the information on the needles,they worked perfectly.

Hypodermic needles are stainless steel, how do you cut them? It takes forever with a saw blade, and cutters, or nippers, just squash them. Several years ago, I bought 2 three ft lengths of stainless steel tubing (about hypodermic needle diameter) because it was only a dollar/length, to make 1/48 turnbuckles. Each length I needed to cut was only about 3 mm - then I discovered I couldn’t successfully cut so many lengths precisely without squashing the ends closed.
BTW, the tubing is also good for making small scale (1/700) ships’ stepped masts.
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I always have a good supply on hand.

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I used to use them (40 years ago) because they came in my Dremel set, but I considered them a hazard because they occasionally (quite often) broke when using and bits of cutting wheel went flying off at high speed! :scream: :face_with_head_bandage:
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Better to upgrade to a decent diamond cutting wheel. You still have to be careful to cut very straight so as not to warp it, but at least it won’t blow up in your face when it gets tired.


I have those as well, but I find the abrasive nature of the discs leaves less of a burr when cutting stainless.

I use this type of cutting disc, I think I bought them at Lidl or some no-brand retailer.

Link above only for illustration of the reinforced discs, I have not tried the ones in the link.
They are a little thicker (wider cut) than the non-reinforced ones but they don’t go flying …

Original Dremel reinforced discs