Questions about the whoopie light during REFORGER exercises

I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on what the height is for the whoopie light that is usually mounted on armored vehicles during REFORGER exercises?
Thank you.

The location and height of the whoopie light varied on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Your best bet is to find photos of what you like and go with that.
This thread: M1 Abrams Reforger 83 - Armor/AFV / Cold War - KitMaker Network
covers that topic very well and has lots of photos.

The big question is what kind of vehicle are you building, tank, APC, etc., and do you have a specific vehicle or unit in mind. Then we can get into more detail about just what you want. For now, here are a few photos to get you going:
This one the light is broken!


Heres some pics of my tank or others back in the day.


Are these lights available in model kit form?.

Verlinden made some.

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Accurate Armour does too, in multiple colors.

Many Italeri truck kits (all their HEMTTs) have them too.


Do they make them in 1/72nd scale?

Some reason I remember them on back of the turret on the M60A1.


Thanks Guys for your help as always.

You’re right, some had them on the back of the turret, some on the back fender. It all depended on where the crew wanted to place it, and how they wired it up.

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Hiya Ken.
If the 60 crews mounted tge Whoopies on a fender where would the wiring run to?.
Cheers from Richard

The service drive lights, ie, headlights and brake lights.

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